Project Contracting
01  Engineering Procurement Construction(EPC)

CEFOC has perfect engineering management system, experienced technical team, long-term reliable supplier resources, and can provide excellent services in all aspects of project implementation to ensure that the project is completed safely, efficiently and on schedule.

CEFOC has the ability and experience from conceptual design, front-end engineering design (FEED) to detailed design. The design team covers planning, architecture, structure, process, heating and ventilation, electrical, pipeline, automatic control, BIM and other disciplines. There is also a team of experts with rich design experience to build the plant which lays the foundation for excellent project implementation.
CEFOC has built an online procurement management ERP system and standardized and transparent procurement bidding process, established a long-term and trustworthy partnership with thousands of suppliers, and equipped with professional delivery coordination, logistics tracking and factory acceptance personnel to ensure the timely arrival of materials and the smooth progress of the project.
The engineering management team of CEFOC has rich engineering management experience and professional knowledge. Through the management of project safety, quality, progress, cost, document and meeting, the civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, process, commissioning, acceptance and delivery of the project can be completed on schedule. The design, procurement, construction and commissioning engineers jointly form the whole project team to ensure that the convenience of material procurement, the operability of construction process and the reliability of commissioning acceptance are fully considered in the early design stage of the project, so as to achieve the construction goal of the project in the safest and most economical way.
02  Construction General Contracting

CEFOC focuses on high-tech and high-end manufacturing engineering services. Through years of unremitting efforts, the company has accumulated rich experience in industrial construction engineering, deeply understands the requirements of core production process for construction engineering, fully considers the needs of process equipment and mechanical and electrical works in the stage of foundation and building construction by reserving in advance the foundation, embedded parts, holes and installation space required for equipment in order to effectively avoid rework and construction delay caused by insufficient coordination and cooperation of mechanical and electrical works.

The integrated construction of building and mechanical & electrical works can reduce the coordination workload of the customer's factory building team and effective coordination of construction process of all disciplines of the project can reduce the communication links, effectively shorten the construction period, and save the valuable factory building time of the customer.

03  Professional Contracting

CEFOC has built a complete range of professional high-tech and high-end mechanical and electrical engineering contracting capacity, covering all professional projects such as machinery, electrical, HVAC, weak current, automatic control, instruments and meters, fire protection, process pipeline, secondary piping of process equipment, which are widely used in semiconductor, flat panel display, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, automobile, data center, chemical environmental protection, new materials , equipment manufacturing and other industries. CEFOC has the ability to deepen the design, implement construction and facility management of complex process system.

In the field of clean room engineering, CEFOC has the engineering implementation capabilities of AMC prevention and control, airflow organization simulation, ultra pure gas for micro vibration machine, ultra pure water, pharmaceutical factory verification works, etc., and has completed a number of ultra large, ultra high, ultra precision, ultra pure clean room system projects.